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Day 14 - Clun, Shropshire

24 °C
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Clun is near to where my Grand parents managed a farm in the area which also doubled as a Bread & Breakfast.
I stayed in the White Horse Inn, the local pub.

The publican is a dead ringer for Sean Austin.

The village has a small castle which was almost all destroyed at some stage. Worth a look.

Later in the day I found my way to my grand dads farm. Luckily the people were in. They were the same people who bought the farm after my grand parents left. They were fascinated when I showed them digital versions of 8mm films shot at the farm and at Clun some 40 ish years ago.
They most graciously allowed me to take photos of the farm. I am sure my other family members will love to see.

I contacted the curator of the local museum (Museum was closed being a Sunday), and he is greatly interested in having copies of these old movies. I will meet him this morning and then on to Devon!

Clun Castle & Clun Village


The White Horse Inn where I stayed


My Grandfathers Farm


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Day 13 Birmingham & The Black Country

sunny 24 °C
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Stayed 2 nights in Birmingham to see my relatives Sandra & her husband John.

They took me to see the Black Country Museum.

It is called the black country because this area was the heart of the industrial revolution. The air was thick with black smoke from coal fired industry,

The museum is not a reproduction, houses and buildings were relocated brick for brick and re-assembled in this area. Some of the buildings took years to rebuild due to the great lengths went to rebuild exactly as it was. This included any odd angles due to subsidence.


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Day 11 - Bath

sunny 22 °C
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Stopped for 1 night in the beautiful city of Bath. Most of Bath would appear to be heritage listed. A special mention would have to be the accommodation. I stayed at Brocks Guest House, located in Brocks street. This street runs from The Circus to The Royal Crescent.

Royal Crescent

The Circus

Brocks Guest House

Went to have a look at the Roman Baths

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Day 10 - Beaulieu National Motor Museum

sunny 24 °C
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I can say that so far this has been the best day I have had in the UK. The weather was fantastic, So I got to wear my shorts at last.

This place is not just a motor museum, it also is the home to the current Lord and Lady Montagu, as well as what remains of the Beaulieu Abby which was built starting from 1204. Most of the abbey is now gone, but two of the buildings remain. One of the buildings is now being used as the local church.
The property also has gardens which can be walked through, as well as a walk around the edge of the lake.
Most of the family home, is still in use, but a good portion is open to the public.

The house was extended in the 16th century, and again in the 19th century, and is today a fine example of a Gothic country house.

During the war, this property was used by the SOE as one of the final training places before agents were ready to be sent on missions behind enemy lines. This was where they leaned spy craft, how to code and cypher & unarmed combat.

There is an excellent display in a building adjacent to the Palace House, which tells the story of the men and women of the SOE. On display are many of the gadgets used by the British spies. It's called the "Secret Army Exhibition"

Another interesting thing, the village of Beaulieu and the surrounding area is in the New Forest. Horses and cows wander freely around, grazing on the sides of the roads and crossing whenever the fancy takes them.

The Motor Museum is the home to the "World Of Top Gear". On display are many of the contraptions seen on the show. There is also a Dome where there is a very good 10 minute display with highlights from Top Gear, on large screens.







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Day 9 - Swanage Steam Railway and Corfe Castle

semi-overcast 18 °C
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The steam railway runs for a few miles from the seaside town of Swanage, inland just passed Corfe Castle.

The engineer is uncoupling the engine, so it can be moved to the other end of the carriages for the return trip

I took the train at Swanage, and got off at Corfe Castle. Paid a visit to the model village first. Entry to the model village was just under 4 Pounds.
The café adjacent had a deal where if you buy a scone and tea for 4 pounds you get into the model village for free.


Took a walk up to the castle. Finally, the weather was warm, and took off my jacket. With mostly clear skies, it was quite hot. However, within 30 minutes while on top of the castle, the temperature dropped and the rain came down. Found an old broken arch that shielded me from the rain and waited it out.
By the time I made my way down to Corfe Village, the sun was out and hot again.

If you look at the second picture, you will notice that the left hand side of the arch is lower than the right. The story is that when the castle was attacked and subsequently destroyed, the attackers tunnelled underneath the wall to plant explosives (Gun power) . The tunnel collapsed killing the soldiers and the left side dropped and slid down the hill a couple of metres.


I took the train back to Swanage, and headed down to the sea. Had some hot chips (with vinegar) wrapped in paper. Probably the best chips I have ever had.
Only cost £1.70


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